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Founded in 1967, Pico Electronics was established to improve and reduce the size of transformers and converters -- which at the time were quite large. Pico began developing miniature and ultra-miniature units of high quality and reliability for military specifications and commercial air flight applications. With the new technologies that allow for surface mounting and other installation venues, Pico Electronics has come to be known as “the” resource for ‘anything that flies’ using a miniature conductor or transformer. Additionally, Pico Electronics became the experts in miniature DC-to-DC power converters and miniature AC-to-DC power supplies. Over the years Pico established itself as a leader in high voltage DC-to-DC output (the high voltage outputs that meet today's modern requirements of up to 10,000 volts DC). Today, Pico Electronics is constantly improving the efficiency of the power source and power factor correction, and is extending their high voltage product line. Pico Electronics specializes in miniature electronic components for industrial, military, and COTS use. Pico offers Inductors and Transformers with high quality, low profile (from .18" ht.), Audio Transformers, Pulse Transformers, DC-DC Converter Transformers, MultiPlex Data Bus Transformers, Power and EMI Inductors, available in Surface Mount and Thru-Hole models. In addition, they offer over 2,500 standard, high reliability DC-to-DC Power Converters including Surface Mount and Plug-In, 2V to 10,000 VDC Output, 1-300 Watt Modules, in regulated, programmable, and dual output packages, as well as AC-to-DC Power Supplies.

Their range includes, Hi-Reliability Ultra Miniature and High Power DC-DC converters. The AC-DC space saving designs have universal inputs and regulated outputs.

Options Available

  • Special Output Voltages
  • Screening
  • Extended Temperature
  • Burn In
  • Temperature Cycle

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