Citron have been developing and manufacturing IR technology touchscreens since 1992.

Realisation of a professional man-machine touch interface confronts the designer with complex requirements. Mechanical integration, compact size, fast response, high resolution, stylus compatibility and electromagnetic shielding.These considerations make IR touchscreens the technology of choice for most applications.

Citron integrate the sensors, electronics, and interface on a single circuit board to produce an "All in one solution". The modular design provides a compact versatile cost effective solution for commercial, indsutrial or military applications.

The new slimline touch bezels are optimised for the use of either synthetic or glass filter screens. The design lends itself well to sealing and there are different options as to mounting and even allows the use of custom designed front foils.

The second generation touchscreen introduced in 1997 utilises a 16 bit microcontroller, a sophisticated analogue design and the integration of core functions within a gate array. This has led to a reduction of touch response times by a factor of five. The increased speed allows the use of larger, high resolution screens, greater functionality and makes it more user friendly

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